Mercoledì 09/01

10:45-11:00        Apertura

11:00-12:00       N. Fusco - Asymptotic stability of the gradient flow of nonlocal energies

12:00-13:00        A. Leaci - Fractional Sobolev spaces and functions with bounded variation in one variable

13:15                   Pranzo


14:30-15:30        A. Corbo Esposito - An homogenization result for a sequence of functional with densities                                                                   approaching a singular measure

15:30-16:30        A. Cialdea - The 𝑳𝒑-dissipativity of differential operators

16:30-17:00        Coffee break

17:00-17:20         G. Galise - Positive solutions of fully nonlinear degenerate Lane-Emden type equations

17:20-17:40         V. Leonessa - Approximation problems for semigroups of operators and evolution                                                                         equations

17:40-18:00         A. Malaspina - On indirect boundary integral equation method


20:30                   Conference dinner


Giovedì 10/01

9:00-10:00          F. S. Cassano - Γ-convergence for integral functionals depending on vector fields

10:00-11:00       A. Gaudiello - Homogenization of a nonlinear monotone problem with nonlinear
                                                Signorini boundary conditions in a domain with highly rough boundary

11:00-11:15       Coffee break

12:00-13:00        M. Kruzik - Mathematical elasticity - when calculus of variations meets mechanics

12:00-13:00        D. Pallara - Fractional perimeters and related Allen-Cahn PDEs

13:15                   Saluti